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♥More info browse here --> ♥ 1 session workshop 4 hours each. No prior experience required. This is a short 4 hours fusion Crochet and Needle Felting Workshop to kickstart your crochet journey. This workshop is all about the hands-on experience with crocheting one fruit and felting the parts but do note that you may not finish it within the time frame. Please have your lunch/dinner before coming in. You're encouraged to continue working on the fruit at our studio, or you may bring home to complete it. Fruit lovers and left-handers are welcomed. If you would like to learn 2 new skills, this is the course for you. Students will walk away with basic knowledge of how to crochet. After you've completed this workshop, you may sign up for our level 2 workshop. All materials and tools will be provided for use during the workshop. There will be 1-2 crochet trainers to guide all of you. What you will be learning 1. How to hold yarn and crochet hook / Chains (ch) / Single crochet (sc) 2. How to hold a felting needle and felt the wool into shapes. Lesson Plan 1. Making chains, single crochet in rows. Stitching the fruit. 2. Felting the parts of the fruit. Fees include - A set of Basic Crochet Toolkit (Worth $12.90) - A ball of colored yarn - A pineapple or apple amigurumi kit Site | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | tags: pokemon, class, workshop, diy, pikachu, bunny, bear, knit, knitted, knitting, crochet, sew, sewing, plush, plushie, plushy, handmade, handicraft, fun, deco, decoration, christmas, valentine, sale, nice, cute, cool, dango, christmas, crocheted, stuffed, valentine, doll, toy, day, animal, father day, rainbow unicorn, lesson, course, new year, fruits