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Welcome to Laserline's Custom design laser engraving service! - Most popular wood engraver for phone cases - 100% Customer satisfaction - Over 100 positive reviews, you can't go wrong with us! - Quality art on solid, genuine wood, every time. Go with our design, or customize your dream case! - 100% Natural Wood - Unique, distinct wood patterns. No two cases are the same. - Comes in five different colours - Easy access to all ports - Easy snap on/off - Firm hold - doesn't come off when you drop your phone! ------- What models? - Samsung S6 - Samsung S7 - Samsung S7 EDGE - iPhone 5 / iPhone SE / iPhone 5S - iPhone 6S / iPhone 6 - iPhone 6S Plus (+$4) / iPhone 6 plus (+$4) - iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus (+$4) How does it work? 1. Chat to let me know which case you want. 2. Make payment. 3. We print it on the cover for you. You'll receive it in the mail. :) FAQ: What is the cost of the engraving? $19 base price, moves up if you have additional requests and engraving. How long will this take? Anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on volume of your order or my stock intake. If you're lucky it might be less than a week, just ask me. ----- Payment is required upon confirmation of order. We don't encourage self collection, because it takes longer than normal mail due to my schedule. If absolutely necessary, self collection is only at Yale-NUS, and will take anywhere from an extra week to two. ------ Why does my case look slightly different from the one in the picture? A: because each design is made from different wood, so the way the wood looks will be different, both in design and slightly in colour. We think that makes it cool! Follow @laserlinecases on Carousell and Instagram for more the best artwork you'll ever see on a phone case!

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