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♥ Description ♥ Not too far from earth, there lives a bunny goddess on the moon. The earthlings worship her as the Goddess of Carrot. Stories about the goddess have been passed on for thousands of years. The mystery to many is the magical powers she possesses. Her believers are the farmers who have experienced the miracles she performed. And how often does she do her magic? Once in a blue moon, I heard. This godly bunny is conceptualised by Angie and handcrafted by Tiny Rabbit Hole with only the finest materials. Her statement head piece is a custom gemstone. Pieces of dark sapphire fibre assembled to form the night skies while the hanging crescent is felted precisely to the desired curve. Through the window of a farmer’s shack, we admire the beauty of their favourite goddess' wavering moon. ♥ Size ♥ 22.5cm x 22.5cm ♥ Material ♥ 100% Acrylic Yarn, Wool, Earring, Safety Eyes ♥ Important Info ♥ It takes up to 5 days to make an Amigurumi during off-peak seasons and up to 10 days during Xmas and Vday. ♥ Like and Follow us ♥ Main site | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tag: rainbow, unicorn, bunny, goddess, crochet, amigurumi, handmade, handicraft, craft, toy, keychain, soft, plushie, plush, supportlocal, knit, knitting, sew, sewing, diy, bear, cute, charm, halloween, deco, christmas, sale, nice, cool, tassel, pom, doll, crocheted, knitted, photo, frame, art, wooden, birthday, present

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Sengkang Singapore, Singapore

- Seng Kang MRT - Hougang MRT - Commonwealth MRT (subject to availability) - Holland V MRT (subject to availability)

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