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Engrave your favourite Overwatch characters onto our wooden phone cases! Highly customizable: 1. Choose any character you want 2. Choose any phrase or quote you want (japanese text too, if you supply it!) 3. Remove boxes or circles in our design as you wish 4. Special requests available too! [SUPPORT NOW FOR IPHONE 7 AND IPHONE 7+!] Engrave and customize your own designs on our premium wood cases. - 100% Natural Wood - Each case is unique - never two the same - Comes in five different colours - Easy access to all ports - Easy snap on/off - Firm hold ------- What models? - Samsung S6 - Samsung S7 - Samsung S7 EDGE - iPhone 5 / iPhone SE / iPhone 5S - iPhone 6S / iPhone 6 - iPhone 6S Plus (+$4) / iPhone 6 plus (+$4) - iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus (+$4) How does it work? 1. Let us know which character or what requests you have. 2. Make payment. 3. We print it on the cover for you. You'll receive it in the mail. :) Which characters? Ana (maybe) Bastion D.Va Genji Hanzo Junkrat Lucio McCree Mei Mercy Pharah Reaper Reinhardt Roadhog Soldier: 76 Symmetra Torbjorn Tracer Widowmaker Winston Zarya Zenyatta and the Overwatch Icon What is the cost of the engraving? $32 base price, moves up if you have additional requests and engraving. Moves down if you remove stuff from the design. Can I request a design / ask for something to be designed? Yes! You can add or remove anything from the design as you wish. How long will this take? Anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on volume of your order or my stock intake. If you're lucky it might be less than a week, just ask me. ----- Payment is required upon confirmation of order. Self collection at NUS (subject to my schedule), or free normal mail. ------ Why does my case look slightly different from the one in the picture? A: because each design is made from different wood, so the way the wood looks will be different, both in design and very slightly in colour. We think that makes it cool! Follow @laserlinecases for more designs and colors.

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