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♥ Description ♥ Marie from Disney believes herself to be quite the little lady, and so tries to mimic the elegance and propriety of her mother, Duchess. As a result, she can be somewhat prissy and spoiled, and is quick to tattle on her brothers when things don't go her way. Secret: The heart has a pocket to hold a ring. Surely a secret weapon to increase success rate of proposal by up to 200%! Proven! Ring not included. For more information: ♥ Size ♥ ~10 (H) x ~11 (W) x ~8 (L) ♥ Material ♥ 100% White / Pink Acrylic Yarn Poly Fiberfill Safety Eyes Tag: ufufy, marie, disney, duchess, heart, pocket, ring, proposal, white, pink, red, crochet, pompompurin, dog, amigurumi, handmade, handicraft, craft, toy, toys, keychain, soft, plushie, plush, supportlocal, knit, knitting, sew, sewing, diy, cute, charm, halloween, game, deco, christmas, sale, nice, cool, valentine, tailor, package, packaging, ball, flurry, fur, accessories, tassel, doll, crocheted, knitted, animal, korea, birthday, present, facebook

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Handmade charm bracelets

Handmade charm bracelets