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cpro logo textSTAY AHEAD OF THE COMPETITIONCarousell Pro is an exciting new platform where Professional Sellers like yourself can create, manage, analyse and most importantly, enhance your marketing efforts on Carousell.
About Carousell ProCarousell Pro allows you drive your marketing and listing efforts more professionally, allowing you access to Pro Insights, Enhanced Chat, and many more features specially designed to help you find success on Carousell! All listings created on Carousell Pro will still be shown on the main Carousell app.
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Carousell Pro helps you sell faster!With Carousell’s huge base of users (1 in 4 Singaporeans use us!) and the ability to conduct live chats, converting a lead just got that much cheaper and faster!Data correct as at 3 October ‘17
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#1 MarketplaceCarousell is the number 1 mobile marketplace in Singapore, used by young and old!
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1 in 4We are used by 1 in 4 Singaporeans monthly.
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17mins/dayThe average Carousell user spends more than 17 minutes per day on the app. For comparison, the average user spends about 18 minutes on Twitter and 15 minutes on Instagram.
Pro tools, Enhanced Chat and features
fea coinGreat valueSave over S$19,000 with Carousell Pro and receive up to 50 listings and 900,000 Carousell Coins FREE, with your subscription!
fea statPro InsightsGain insights into your listings' performance, top searches, users' peak hours and more.
fea chatEnhanced ChatEngage in live chat with Carousell's audience - over 500,000 active users daily! Create templated replies, cross-sell your listings and other upgraded chat functions exclusive to Carousell Pro users.
fea manageSell with easeManage all your listings with ease, convert more leads into sales, analyse performance, sort & filter listings on-the-go and more!
fea imgDesigned for successSell better! Pro users like yourself will be able to upload more than 4 photos. For quicker success, share your listings on Facebook and other social media platforms.
fea supportPersonalised supportReach out at your convenience via our in-app live chat for support related questions, or selling tips & tricks. Receive monthly reports of your listings’ performance by email.